Friday, February 21, 2014

My First Tutorial--A Felt Rose Pin

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog today. We had an awesome snowstorm last night. This is the 5 foot fence around our pasture and vegetable garden. Looks like I'm going to need a new deer fence this year.
Well, after spending a couple hours shoveling and jumping off the garage roof (boy, THAT was fun!) I plan on spending the rest of the day in my nice, cozy house working on some craft projects. I thought I would start off my crafting extravaganza by putting together a little tutorial for you.

I first saw these on my friend, Georgia's website. She is my Stampin' Up! upline and is always sharing these great ideas with us. She was playing with our new Spiral Flower Original die and wondered what it would look like with felt instead of paper. Gorgeous!!! I tweaked her design just a bit and took step-by-step photos of the process for you.
You will need our Spiral Flower Originals Die, the Autumn Accents Die, a Big Shot Die Cut Machine, some felt in your favorite flower colors, a glue gun, tweezers and a pin back.
Cut rough rectangle shaped pieces of felt to fit over the dies. You will need two of each shape and guess what? The Big Shot can cut through two layers of felt at the same time, maybe more, but I only tried two. That makes the process go even faster. Simply stack the felt on the dies, sandwiched them between the cutting mats and run them through the Big Shot. Super fast, super easy. :o)
Then lay the two flower pieces on top of each other and slightly offset them so that the scallops don't line up with each other.
For this next step, you don't have to use tweezers, but it definitely makes it easier. I like these because they have a nice thin tip. Grab the smallest scallops and begin rolling the flower up.
 Just keep rollin', rollin', just keep rollin'. Sorry, couldn't help myself. :o)
Focus on keeping the flat bottom sections lined up with each other. You don't have to worry about the scallop side, the rose just happens--like magic.
Once you get to the end, simply use hot glue to glue down the two base flaps to the bottom.
Now glue on your leaves and a pin back. It's OK if it looks a little messy, and you want some of the glue to ooze between those little holes. It helps secure the pin to the flower.
 You can use scissors to cut a circle from a scrap of the felt to glue over the pin and hide some of the messy glue and it doubly secures the pin on.
After I made this one, my dear daughter decided she'd like one for her pink, of course. After making the rose, I used some scrap felt to make a loop.
 I glued the loop to the back of the flower. Now she can slide a clip or barrette or even a hairband through the loop and wear it.
Lovely! I think the flower's pretty nice too. ;o)
Well, what do you think? Super quick, gorgeous project. Love the different possibilities with this die. So what projects have you been working on this winter? Hope you're staying warm.

Till next time...
God's love and blessings!

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